Johnnie Ellis and Dave Green took their Subaru Impreza to a 10 second win ahead of Ross Daniels / Paul Mankin (Subaru Impreza) with Dave Welch/ Stuart Proctor (Subaru Impreza) in third and the highest placed Dukeries crew.  

The first unfortunate retirement just before the start of stage 1 was the 2012 event winner Bob Lowe, who's beautiful ex works Impreza had a water pump fail. Once the competition got underway it was a repeat of last year with the battle seemingly between Ellis / Green and Alex Taylor / Mark Swallow (Subaru Forrester).  Ellis / Green clocked a time just 1 second faster on stage 1 but were the first crew to be penalised 30secs for striking a chicane. 

Taylor / Swallow extended their lead with fastest times on stages 2 and 3 which were very slippy due to the continuous rain that fell for the first 2 hours of the event.  Meanwhile Ellis / Green had a time consuming stop on SS2 to close the bonnet which dropped them to 15th place! Several of the leading crews were delayed on SS4 when the second placed car of David Longfellow/ Danny Ward (Subaru Impreza) broke down and blocked a narrow section the stage resulting in notional times being awarded to 9 crews who were delayed.       

So at the lunch change-around after SS4 it was Alex Taylor / Mark Swallow with a 28 second lead ahead of a very consistent Ross Daniels/ Paul Mankin (Subaru Impreza) with Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt (Ford Escort) the leading 2 wheel drive car a further 6 secs in arrears.   

The second half saw a complete change of fortunes as Alex Taylor was forced into an instant retirement on the start line of SS5 when the power steering hose split, spraying oil onto the exhaust!  Ellis / Green were on a determined charge on stage 5 and set the fastest time by 21secs over this 8 mile stage to take back the lead, which they held until the finish of the event.     

The most spectacular driving came from some of the rear wheel drive Escorts but the very slippy conditions especially on the first 4 stages made it difficult for all but Mark Jasper / Don Wyhatt to make a consistent challenge. The times for Stage 7 were eventually removed from the results due to a timing issue which followed a competitor demolishing the Flying Finish beam.      

In the classes it was the Emma Bennison / Paul Webb (Nissan Micra) who won Class 0.   Paul Rees / Paul Briggs (Vauxhall Astra Mk2) held the lead in Class 1 for up to 1400cc cars throughout the day finishing 22 overall, but they were challenged strongly by Kasia Nicklin / Emma Morrison (Nissan Micra) with Kasia also winning the Lady Drivers award. 

Eliot Retallick / Tim Tugwell won Class 2 in the Hillman Avenger whilst Class 3 was won by Baz Stevenson-Wheeler / Steve North (Ford Escort RS2000) ahead of Ross Wey / Liam Carfrae in the Peugeot 205 who had set some very quick times earlier in the day but a broken steering arm on SS7 dropped him down the order. Mark Jasper / Don Whyatt won Class 4 and also set the fastest time on the final stage  

Simon Belcher / Wayne Langthorne (Subaru Impreza) were 6th overall and this result lifts Simon into the lead in the EMAMC Multi Surface Championship and into 2nd place in the ANEMMC Mixed Surface Rally Championship

The awards were presented by 6.00pm to end a very enjoyable and successful day. The winners spoke on behalf of all the competitors when they praised the event organisers, marshals and the landowner for their efforts to make this an excellent and challenging event.